Diablo Rewards

Diablo Rewards is an online platform to run your effective promotions all in one place. We’ll help you customize all of the program components and develop the program rules and enrollment process. The creative graphics will look and feel like your brand. You’ll have easy-to-use point banks, an online rewards catalog and leader boards to track progress. We’ll design the program for you and you’ll be ready to go!

The Diablo Rewards platform allows managers to reward employees and employees to reward each other. Surveys and quizzes can be included to test employees on new products or information. You’ll be able to create and send recognition certificates online.  Let’s get started!

Other Diablo Rewards features include:

  • Choose from millions of rewards to include in your program
  • Automated online redemption, tracking, and payments
  • Daily updates on price, out of stock items, new products and rewards tracking
  • Music, video and e-book downloads
  • Select the vendors tailored precisely for your needs
  • Wish-list, product comparison, and buy-up features available

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