Benefits of Sales Promotions

Want higher sales? We’ll help you create an effective sales promotion that will motivate your employees to sell more. You’ll choose a specific product or brand, define the time frame and we’ll help you design a program to increase sales. Effective programs achieve results!

Diablo Promotions provides marketing support that makes sales promotion campaigns easy to set up and administer. Our online redemption catalog will be customized with motivating reward options. Click here for the Diablo Rewards demo.


Get new information to your sales force.


Tell why your brands are best!


Stay top-of-mind between sales.

The benefits of sales promotions for your distributors include:

  • clearly communicates your brands
  • help to launch new products
  • help increase sales of existing products
  • let’s you direct sales efforts to specific products or brands
  • increases or expands distribution
  • stay in touch with your market

A properly designed sales incentive program can help you achieve both short-term tactical goals and long-term strategic goals.

A Diablo Promotions Professional can help you customize a program for your distribution network that will achieve results. Contact us to get started today!