Planning an Effective Promotion

It sounds simple enough, but “hiring a professional” can help you avoid common pitfalls. A Diablo Promotions professional will ask the right questions to get your wheels turning. We’ll help you to set goals and customize a promotion that will achieve results for you and your customers.

10 Steps to Effective Promotions:

  1. Establish Objectives: Pick 3-5 goals or objectives that are a) measurable, b) attainable and c) simple to understand and communicate.
  2. Analyze the Audience:  Which employees can help achieve your goals? Will you reward individuals and/or teams?
  3. Fact Finding and Involvement: Decide what to measure. Involve reps from the participant groups to make sure you’ve got everything necessary to achieve the goals.
  4. Rule Structure & Budget: We’ll help you decide whether an Open-ended structure (where all who qualify can win) will work better than a Closed-ended design (where only the top performers win). We’ll review the rules with you to make sure they’re fair and reasonable, and help you set your budget for the program.

The rule of thumb for program spending is:

80% rewards / 10% promotion / 5% Admin / 5% training


  1. Select Rewards: It’s so important that the rewards will motivate your audience! Our customized online catalog will make sure of it! Effective rewards:
  • Are  worth the effort
  • Reinforce your brand
  • Offer “trophy value”: something they’ll remember
  • Create excitement among participants
  1. Communicate the Program: We’ll help you decide how and where to announce and launch the program. Will you use social media, email or something else?  Is training necessary?  How will you announce results and reward achievers?
  2. Operate and Track Results: Based on your rules, we’ll help you choose 2 or 3 results to track.
  3. Fulfill Rewards: The more immediate, the better!  Diablo Promotions makes the redemption process fast and easy for you and your recipient.
  4. Evaluate and Measure: Diablo Promotions experts will help you evaluate the program and all of the factors that helped you achieve your goals. You’ll have hard data to work with to plan for the future.
  5. Celebrate Success! Reward your achievers in public!  Will you plan a banquet or awards dinner?  Do you have support from the highest level?  Who will be on hand to recognize achievers?

Sales promotions and reward & recognition programs are cost-effective! These proven strategies increase loyalty, reinforce brand messaging and boost sales while engaging employees and customers. Contact a Diablo Promotions specialist today to get started!