Increase your Sales and Brand Awareness with Sales Promotions

Sales promotions can help to focus your distributor sales force. Your sales will increase and you’ll build awareness and reinforce your brand. We will help you set goals, choose motivating rewards and structure effective promotions that achieve results!

Some examples of distributor promotions are:

Sales contests (achieve your sales target and earn rewards!)

Safety programs (reach the accident-free-day goal and the team celebrates)

Performance Improvement (set & achieve specific performance goals for delivery, customer service or cycle times, etc.)

What’s in it for me?

Studies prove that sales promotions are effective!  One in particular by the Aberdeen Group that looked at Best in Class Sales Management practices (defined as organizations in the top 20% of their industry) found that:

  • Best in Class firms are 47% more likely to realize that sales growth is a team effort
  • Non-cash incentives are an ideal way to motivate and reward support staff
  • 75% rewarded the entire account team for sales, growth and customer service
  • Best in Class firms recognize their sales stars in public 29% more often
  • 84% of sales reps in Best in Class organizations achieved quota (vs. 55% industry average and 15% at the bottom)
  • 31% of top performers say non-cash merchandise rewards are a “must have”
  • 59% are using contests to drive other behaviors in addition to sales

Who’s doing it?

 The Incentive Research Foundation reports that:

  • 74% of U.S. Businesses use reward merchandise (non-cash) to motivate employees
  • Programs include sales, channel incentives, safety, wellness and more.

Effective promotions are not limited to the sales organization; they are just as effective for non-sales employees.

How are they doing it?

Many business owners are surprised to find that their ad agency is not equipped to help with sales promotions. Diablo Promotions experts can gide you through the 10-step process to a promotion that will bring results!


We can help!

In any industry today, sales reps need to provide much more than a great brand and quality product at a fair price.  Distributors who are succeeding in today’s environment are using new strategies to capture share of attention for their brand(s). Promotional programs are a proven way to increase sales while reinforcing brand messaging. Contact us for an appointment to get started today!